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Our Approach
Our company is focused on providing medico-legal education, training, and information about electronic discovery (eDiscovery) and how it impacts the healthcare industry. 

The vast majority of healthcare professionals are well aware of the transition from paper to electronic medical records (EMR) pursuant to the 2014 federal mandate. However, in the event of litigation many healthcare organizations, hospitals, medical practices, and individual healthcare providers seem to have little if any knowledge about the significant financial and medico-legal risks associated with the use of EMR and other electronically stored information (ESI). 

Nor do they realize the magnitude of these risk exposures until AFTER they've been named as a party to a lawsuit and made some simple (yet  avoidable) mistakes. Worst yet, many of them and their lawyers learn what the term "spoliation", "adverse inference", and "sanctions" mean -- the hard way. And this can be a very expensive and painful lesson to learn from the school of hard knocks.

We address this knowledge gap by focusing on promoting and increasing the level of awareness and understanding of eDiscovery as it pertains to EMR. Instead of waiting to be named as a party to a lawsuit and then responding to actual or threatened legal action -- we urge our clients to adopt a "pro-active approach" and "preventive medico-legal" strategy for themselves and their organization.  

We offer and propose three solutions for our clients -- which, we believe represent the best approach and strategy available to address these issues.

1st Solution: Educational Services About eDiscovery

2nd Solution: Healthcare Litigation Readiness Audit Program 

3rd Solution: eDiscovery Cost Reduction Services & Training Program (forthcoming)  

By adopting and implementing our proposed solutions, we not only empower a healthcare organization, hospital, medical practice, and individual 
healthcare provider with knowledge and tools that can reduce their liabilities, but we also remove some of the fear, anxiety, and distraction they and their organization may have due to a lawsuit.