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Dale C Newton, MD

The impetus for creating eDiscovery Healthcare Solutions LLC emerged out of an important need that Dr. Dale Newton recognized as a result of the "hidden" problems that healthcare professionals face due to the merger of medicine, law, and technology. This foresight led him to develop and propose a solution to Mr. Anthony Johnson that addressed these problems -- their first coauthored book, entitled:

E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts: The Essentials of Electronic Discovery for the Healthcare Professional 

By focusing exclusively on the healthcare industry and leveraging the practical knowledge and experience that Dr. Newton has distilled over the past 30 years as a physician, medico-legal consultant and Expert Witness (Radiology), the company is well-positioned to leverage his expertise into a highly valuable service offering that's deliverable to both healthcare professionals and the legal community.  

Having been retained by plaintiff and defendant attorneys from more than thirty different law firms on behalf of different client matters, Dr. Newton's highly sought after expertise and proven talents have assisted and guided them to many successful "wins" both inside and outside the courtroom.  

eDiscovery Healthcare Solutions LLC has developed a healthcare litigation readiness program for healthcare professionals based on the same "soft skills" that Dr. Newton has acquired and learned after years of giving numerous depositions, testifying in court, and reviewing medico-legal cases. 

The company is pleased to have this opportunity to be the leader in helping prepare healthcare professionals and their organizations for potential litigation. 

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Dale Newton, MD

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eDiscovery Healthcare Solutions, LLC is family-owned and operated right here in Orlando, FL. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
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